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Wine Maker's Philosophy

Drytown Cellars is the culmination of a long career in the business.  Allen Kreutzer is a veteran of winemaking and vineyard management. He earned his BS in Fermentation Science at UC Davis in 1980, and after stints as a cellar rat and mobile wine bottler with the pioneer Chateau Bottlers, he started making wine with Pedrizzetti in Morgan Hill. Allen obtained a Masters degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Fresno State in 1990. Over the years, Allen has worked for a number of wineries, either in winemaker positions or as consulting enologist, including Washington Hills Cellars in the Yakima Valley and Charles Mitchell Winery in Fairplay. He has worked at Kirigin Cellars in Gilroy for the past 25 years, first for owner Nicholas Kirigin and now under new ownership.


Allen and Suzanne Kreutzer feel that wine should be enjoyed every day. Good pairing of food and wine helps make daily meals into pleasurable experiences. While wine is wonderful when enjoyed to enhance special celebrations, it can bring pleasure to everyday living. Given the relatively low cost of producing high quality wines in California, there are very few reasons why the price of a wine should exceed one's daily food budget.


Drytown Cellars is dedicated to producing the very best wines-well balanced, intensely flavored, yet good for every day. We use only the highest quality fruit. We eschew tampering with what nature provides, and depend on rigorous scientific methods of production. We strive to preserve the distinctive fruit characteristics in the wine.



We love producing single varietal wines, but we also believe that prudent blending can enhance varietal characteristics by offering complimentary attributes. And as with our non-vintage burgundy, "Red-on-Red," we can take advantage of a wide palette of flavors to  produce an outstanding, robust, yet reasonably priced, bottle of wine.